Inscription au Prix Henri Moissan

Le lauréat est désigné selon la procédure suivante (pas de candidature spontanée) /
The laureate is designated according to the following procedure (no direct application) :


The prize winner is elected by an International Selection Board of about seventy personalities  which have been chosen by the scientific committee of the prize chaired by the President of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie. The composition of this international college is reconsidered before each Prize. The final choice of the Board members should be guided by both the prestige of each fluorine chemist proposed and the need to establish a balance with respect to nationality and scientific fields. The members of the Board are asked to vote as individuals.

In the first ballot of the election, each member of the Selection Committee proposes a maximum of five candidates. The Scientific Committee will select the nominees for the Prize, as those candidates who have received the higher number of votes with a significant gap with respect to the following ones. This list (four names in 2006, six in 2012 and four in 2009 and 2015) is then sent to all members of the Selection Board for a second ballot, in which a maximum of two names is selected from this list. It is obvious that those members who will be selected as nominees will not take part to the second ballot. The winner is the candidate who receives the largest number of suffrages, but the prize may be shared if two candidates get an equal number of votes, as it was the case for the first prize in 1988. Nominations can be based on the candidate’s entire career work or a recent outstanding contribution to any field of fluorine chemistry.